App-based ride-hailing, through services like Uber and Lyft, has grown enormously in popularity over the past decade, contributing to more pollution and congestion. Ride-hailing vehicles are used much more frequently than personal vehicles, making them excellent candidates for switching to an electric vehicle (EV). This report provides a brief overview of the existing state of electrifying ride-hailing services, including current efforts by Uber and Lyft, along with policies and incentives local governments and utilities are pursuing to encourage ride-hailing electrification. This report also covers why driving electric may be advantageous for ride-hailing drivers, as well as some preliminary findings from interviews with ride-hailing drivers about their knowledge of EVs and potential motivations for switching to an EV. Lastly, this report reviews lessons learned from relevant studies and initial outreach activities and provides recommendations for future engagement and action to electrify ride-hailing services in the Seattle area.

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