The EV Shared Mobility Analysis Tool (BETA) is a free tool to analyze the business case for electrifying ride-hail services. The tool currently allows users to understand the income potential of providing ride-hail services through various means of acquiring a vehicle, including owning, renting, and leasing. The tool is designed to make it easy to compare two scenarios side-by-side, such as an EV purchase and an EV rental, or an EV rental and a gasoline vehicle purchase. The tool attempts to populate most inputs with reasonable default values, but users can overwrite any input.

The tool is currently in the BETA stage as part of the EV Shared Mobility project. In a future release, the tool with support modeling the business case for a company that offers EVs for rent to ride-hail drivers.

We welcome any and all feedback on this early release. Please send your comments using the form here.