How do EV chargers drive change in cities?

The EV Shared Mobility Dashboard is an interactive tool, aimed to demonstrate how Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers and Electric Vehicle drivers use public charging stations in four U.S. cities.

The tool integrates proprietary charging use data, public emissions, demographics, and GIS information to reveal patterns in across two sets of dashboards: Charging Utilization and Key Factors Driving EV Shared Mobility. The Charging Utilization dashboards include information about the frequency, length, and amount of power delivered during charging sessions, as well as trends over hours, days, months, and years. The Key Factors Driving EV Shared Mobility or Key Factors dashboard uses publicly available information to explore how and why drivers are adopting electric vehicles.

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In the coming months, additional data will be integrated into the dashboard, allowing users to compare and contrast patterns across cities and time. as well as revealing more information about the electric vehicles TNC drivers use.

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